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          Hot Key Words: Warp Knitting Machine
        Warp Knitting Machine
          About Us  

        Founded in 1989, the company, with Cao Junfeng as enterprise legal person, covers an area of more than 60 mu and a construction area of over 30 thousand square meters. With nearly 60 million yuan of fixed assets, it is a specialized high-grade warp knitting machine plant featuring an integration of research, development and production. With more than 120 employees currently and a complete set of machining equipment, the company has comparatively higher capacities and strength in research and development and large-scale production.

        The company has a group of experienced technical backbones and is committed to research on and development of new products. It now mainly focuses on the production of medium and high-grade series of warp knitting machines, high-speed warp knitting machines and lace machines. Since 1996, the company started its cooperation with some world famous companies including Suzhou Picanol Company (Belgium-owned), Jiangyin Bekeart (Belgium-owned), Suzhou Sura Technology (Germany-owned), and Shanghai Siemens Morgan (Germany-owned), and won wide approval from these foreign partners.

        The company has been committed to the research on, development and production of double needle bar warp knitting machines since it was founded. Based on introduction, digestion and innovation on technology, the company has formed technology with self-improvement and quality assurance system, and at the same time built a complete set of support and after-sale service. Our products have been sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asian countries; its wide use proved that our product has assured quality , excellent technical performance , and a wide range of application ; it can be used to weave high-quality acrylic blankets , toy cashmere , and velvet coral and other pile fabrics for dresses , bed , as well as toys , double needle bar spacer fabric such as cushion and matress, and also for the weaving of polyester , acrylic and other chemical fiber.

        TKS-2 and TSK-3 high-speed tricot warp knitting machine the company developed in recent years has achieved success, and received recognition and praise from clients after being put into market in 2014.

        The company's TJ5 Raschel series of double needle bar warp knitting machine obtained JiangSu Changzhou High-Tech Product Identification, and got a number of domestic patents for inventions.

        Friends at home and abroad are warmly welcomed to join us for cooperation and develop the great cause together.


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